Planet Mu to put the icing on 2017’s cake by releasing limited edition Ekoplekz and Claude Speeed tapes

Planet Mu to put the icing on 2017's cake by releasing limited edition Ekoplekz and Claude Speeed tapes
Stocking stuffers for the outer space-obsessed completist in your life.

The end of the year beckons. And if you’re already forgoing your 2018 weight loss resolutions in favor of gorging yourself on electronic music, Planet Mu’s got you (preliminarily) covered with two limited-edition cassettes ready for release December 15. Both tapes are meant to serve as “accompaniments” to albums released earlier this year by the artists in question, which introduces the obvious option of listening to all four musical efforts in rapid succession in the parking lot to pass the time while your friends/family/kids are in the movie theater watching The Last Jedi.

The tape from Bristolian producer, Ekoplekz, entitled Cassettera, includes 10 tracks from the same sessions that led to Bioprodukt, an album that retains an intriguingly low-key vibe throughout its roughly 50 minutes. According to the press release, Cassettera inspires more “unease” due to a “heavier emphasis on noise and drone textures,” but I’m not getting that vibe from the track, “Jacktrack” (listenable below), at least.

Meanwhile, Claude Speeed is following up his heterogeneous Infinity Ultra LP with fifteen surplus infinities and an “alternative take on how the album could’ve turned out.” The material on the (appropriately-titled) Other Infinities comes from other musical experiments performed by Speeed over the past five years, and listeners can expect an amalgam of sub-genres melded together by notions of futuristic tech threats and…you know, lots else. Hear the track, “Spectral Trance,” also down below.

Cassettera tracklisting:

01. Formative
02. Bass 2 Dank
03. The Imperative
04. Nitrate Abuse
05. Jacktrak
06. Tactile
07. Bedrock
08. Mashdown
09. Seconds Too Soon
10. The Outlook Is Bleak

Other Infinities tracklisting:

01. Hostage Voice
02. Memories Of Eternal Future
03. Invocation Of The Spirit Of RUSSIA
04. KRT Ancestor Simulation
05. Don’t Ever Antagonise The Horn
06. Hell HD
07. Eyelids – Lipstick
08. Show Me How
09. CGI Man
10. Body
11. No Kings
12. Under Hood
13. Spectral Trance
14. Facebook Meditation
15. Timeless Earth

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