♫♪  Emotional Indulgence - Emotional Indulgence

You know that feeling you get when you’re suspended in crystal over a lake beyond the willow trees hidden away deep in some valley within in your mind’s eye? Pretty sure we’ve all been there before, which is why it’s such a relief that Emotional Intelligence have finally put that vibe into sound. The duo of Juliana Dieterich and Daniel Hill, formerly known as Ethereal and the Queer Show (or EATQS) are back with more neon-hued glow-pop on Noumenal Loom, and their latest self-titled offering is an especially new-agey, laid-back affair. Whether it’s the marimba melodies that seem to flutter about “Chrysalis,” the dazed keyboards that hum throughout “Beyond in a blue feel,” or the jittering MIDI keys that keep interjecting into the dissipated new wave of “Powdery Blue,” Emotional Indulgence is full of small nuances that add up to a miniature world as detailed as it is faded to a dim blur.

Steam Emotional Indulgence below via Bandcamp:

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