♫♪  EATQS - “Symmetry”

Fairy poppist EATQS (a.k.a. Ethereal & the Queer Show) just sprinkled a little glitter in all our ears with a single off the April 19 Noumenal Loom release FAIRY SUPER CRYSTAL BLUE entitled “Symmetry.” And that’s exactly the sort of energy being placed into the single: “Symmetry.” Bouncing about with vocals hearkening to the heavens like a lost-and-never-found pleasure cruise in the clouds, pairing with chimes and beats synthetically tip-toeing and xylophoning listeners into a lull that’s worth laxing. Actually, this track really reminds me of (the now defunct/lost) track off E+E’s RECORTES [2008-2012] entitled “Energy,” which I listened to nauseatingly on repeat for months. But, now that “Symmetry” by EATQS is a reality (and “Energy” is somewhere lost on one of my many hard drives), I can buy some time and keep that (1)-repeat function on fleek.

Keep an ear out for more from EATQS in the weeks leading up to the Noumenal Loom release of FAIRY SUPER CRYSTAL BLUE out April 19. And gently caress that (1) on the SoundCloud link for “Symmetry” below, forever:

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