♫♪  Endgame - “Savage Riddim (WWWINGS Remix)”

Savage Riddim (lawd knows’ Ambulance Edit)” dropped yesterday, and I know y’all been sweating the track’s sweltering cadence and echo, but PURPLE TAPE PEDIGREE gave TMT the opportunity to present the next level of ENDGAME’s Savage Remix EP (out at 4:56PM EST on digital): “Savage Riddim (WWWINGS Remix).” The Savage Remix EP includes remixes and edits from Yung Sherman, Blaze Kidd, lawd knows (of SCRAAATCH), and Uninamise involving tracks released earlier this year on Savage EP.

And as I’m personally a fan of WWWINGS —having heard word there is a release by WWWINGS bubbling over at PTP scheduled to drop soon— their remix of “Savage Riddim” is when my soul meets the smelter. What I enjoy the most is their build up of covert structure barely balancing an ultimate Jenga tower that’s always a gasp away from faltering, but remaining in complete control of the situation. The remix to “Savage Riddim” is that sort of track hidden in within brush just green enough to camouflage the entire WWWINGS outfit, as they clench machetes with their teeth, awaiting the perfect moments to attack. So scope Savage Remix EP tonight at 4:56PM EST for the full ENDGAME edit-and-remix effect. Below is the “Savage Riddim” remix by WWWINGS for the two-hour tease:

Also, don’t forget about the first issue of PTP’s CELL Audio Codex including Baby Blue’s side-a length, Void Gate.

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