♫♪  Eola - “This Is The World”

Eola (a.k.a. Edwin from Tonstartssbandht) is very well known, all the way from your own asshole to all corners of other people’s assholes, for crafting hymnal loops of reverberated bliss and spatial scope. Loose and easy going mantras of peace and harmony are aplenty throughout his catalog. Go ahead, see for yourself.

With “This Is The World” (taken from his forthcoming album Dang), the Eola train keeps chugging along those Floridian sun drenched tracks with vocals of layered comfort. It’s the slice of pie we all needed but didn’t dare ask for. Scrumptious flakes, ya doofs.

Listen to the track below, and be on the lookout for Dang, to be released 9/23 on Leaving Records.

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