♫♪  EQ Why & Diamond Soul - Spring Steeze

EQ Why & Diamond Soul R.I.P. Winter themez seasonal blues in their new collaboration, “Spring Steeze.” Straight off tha recent EAST 37TH STREET release by the illusive Zona Musica, EQ Why continues to napalm on the footwork game by tossing molotov cocktails across the dance floor with Orange Milk MVP Diamond Soul. Put on ya socks because hardwood floors await!

That tease intro. A tickle-your-fancy. Fuck on me hyphening, P. Spring Steeze grapples the MTV Spring Break vibe and plenty of club oxygen transtaste. A pure blend of Pure Moods. Something just insatiable enough to consume. Disaster in a controlled setting. Like one of those rooms people set up so you can just smash everything. Junk collection. Garbage heaps. Swimming pools. Dance-floor clubs. Spring Steeze is the like eating edibles in Central Park on a Thursday, with a half day at work on Friday, so maybe spark one, IDK? EQ Why & Diamond Soul flaring up on Bedlam Tapes in a Spring Steeze. Slice:

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