♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 125 - Just One More

Photo: Sam Tornow

“Come on, just one more song?”

“Come on, just one more song?”

“Okay, last one I promise.”

“You can head out if you want. I can make it back alone.”

An ode to the end of the night.

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[00:00] JPEGMAFIA - “Baby I’m Bleeding”
[02:31] Diamond Soul - “Luxury Firmware”
[04:32] Honnda - “It’s a Foxx Ft. Toiney”
[07:13] Charli XCX - “Track 10”
[15:41] Jam City - “Earthly 000”
[18:12] James Blake “If the Car Beside You Moves Ahead”
[22:09] bl00dwave - “Nothing Lasts Forever”
[24:26] Jam City - “Earthly 000”
[26:50] Frank Ocean - “Moon River”

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