♫♪  EQ Why - Enter The Why - Vol 1 - You Got It

Alongside Traxman’s Slash Time, Duck N’ Cover Records is re-releasing EQ Why’s debut Enter The Why - Vol. 1 - You Got It, while capping off another celebrated footwork dug year. Dudes like Jlin, DJ Paypal, and whatever modern sheet music Beat Detectives rolled up with, capped with the (AOTY short list) pow-wowed Rabit, Lotic, and Arca.

Digging through the career of EQ Why, all the while being reminded the man has yet to acheive the level of success as some of his peers who have become increasingly influensial over 2015. The defunct, once DJ Roc-run, juke-centric crew Bosses of the Circle that held Jlin, Young Smoke, DJ Diamond, etc. Along with EQ Why’s prior alias DJ T-Why (also defunct), their presence is only getting bigger with Jlin’s aforementioned Dark Energy breakthrough (which so happened to be our #45 AOTY).

EQ Why’s world exists inbetween radars, found if sought, left if glanced at. Inside Midwest footwork forums or LA drop-ins is where EQ lives – primed to break at any kick. Which is why the re-release of his EQ Why debut Enter The Why - Vol. 1 - You Got It is so important. The 2013 summertime six-track blueprint ended up next to December's CHITOKYO MIXTAPE, both coming out during DJ Rashad’s (and juke culture as a whole) intro to the masses – where the resulting TEKLIFE-focused mass may have passed over the BotC affiliates. From my plate, lacking the wherewithal to find cut off Enter The Why and CHITOKYO at their proverbial pass, the testaments to EQ’s skill set are set in absolutes. But now we’re three years into the marketability of juke music and the subsequent rebirth of EQ Why, so should we hook-in, circle up, and boast blasters set to forever hustle or what?

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