♫♪  Euglossine - Emotion’s Potion

Shifting through a box of collected and forgotten doodles, bank statements, and ticket stubs, Mark cut his finger on something, quickly retracting its tip to his mouth. Hesitant, and with shaking hands, Mark reached back into the box with the opposite hand to find a small stained glass broken in two near the bottom. Picking each piece up individually and joining them on the floor, the image of an alien’s head – one popularized in the late-nineties through 50 cent stickers. He recognized the image, sure, but the memory of creating this crude stained glass was long gone. Mark was 35 and was home in what was once his late mother’s house for the first time in nearly two decades. Half-stumbling downstairs to bandage his finger up, but it had stopped bleeding for the most part, so he just applied pressure and loaded the small stained glass along with the last few boxes into his truck – most of everything was already in storage. With his body in second gear, moving without much response, Mark decided to focus on his breathing on the way back to Philly, it seemed like a good starting point.

Euglossine’s Emotion’s Potion is out now on Phinery. Call your mom.

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