♫♪  Euglossine - Wiz Mud OST

Squiggle Dot head Euglossine’s OST for virtual wizard reality gaming chat environ Wiz Mud puffs and bubbles, bops and lilts, twinkles and dangles, and, atop an outcropping, as green rhombi drift down from the surrounding blackness, I, natalie1, chat to another wizard while also dancing to the second half of “Wiz Mud” in my kitchen.

[INBY]: Hey
natalie1: hii
[INBY]: Just hanging out while I work, sorry if I don’t talk much.
natalie1: i like my outfit
[INBY]: Its nice
natalie1: so is yrs
natalie1: i like the music euglossine made
[INBY]: Yeah.
natalie1: hehehe

Play along to the sounds of Euglossine in real time at wiz.zone.

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