♫♪  Factory Floor - “Wave” (Jlin Remix)

You know that moment in sleep deprivation when time seems to not only stop, but also contract? When events don’t progress or follow each other so much as clump into one flat, congealed super-second that will probably go on forever?

Jlin (of last year’s excellent Dark Matter LP) performs a similar trick on her recent remix of Factory Floor’s “Wave.” Chopping the album cut’s runtime in half and completely changing up where the beats come in, the track’s rhythm gets unstuck in time and thereby harder to parse in the best way. In Jlin’s hands, “Wave” turns into a much more complex and dense experience — darker for sure, but also stuffed with detail and re-focused on the skeletal bits of melody and bass left behind in the mix.

You can stream the remix below. Factory Floor’s album 25 25 is still available from DFA.

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