Jlin’s score for Wayne McGregor’s Autobiography gets release date, first preview track

Jlin's score for Wayne McGregor's Autobiography gets release date, first preview track

If you often find yourself suddenly screaming out, “I just want to dance!” at the tippy-top of your lungs without incitement of any form, then I’m happy to let you know that, today at least, you’re likely to be more than satisfied. Yes, you know what that means: there’s new Jlin music! The footwork producer’s previously-announced collaboration with choreographer Wayne McGregor on his Autobiography show finally has a release date: September 28. The score is out through Planet Mu.

Note that, despite being an album chock-full of new Jlin material, the Autobiography score is not the true follow-up to last year’s phenomenal Black Origami (although the press release notes that Jlin’s next LP is on pace for a 2019 or 2020 release, so make sure you spend the next 899 days waiting tirelessly for that to drop).

I know what you’re thinking: I love a good footwork record like I love the many members of my immediate family (the ones that don’t suck), but I’m not so sure about all this “dance theater” business! Luckily, there’s a preview of the score just for people like you! Listen to the very Jlin-y “The Abyss of Doubt” below and reassure yourself, strange person!

Now that we’ve got all the pleasantries out of the way, why don’t you just go ahead and pre-order the score on CD, vinyl, or digital at all the outlets (and check out the full tracklisting down below). If you’re more of a “life experience” person, you can also see Jlin perform the score live with the intrepid Company Wayne McGregor at a handful of shows around the world this year and next (assuming the human race makes it that far). Check out the dates below with everything else.

Now: dance and be free!

Autobiography tracklisting:

01. First Overture (Spiritual Atom)
02. Annotation
03. Carbon 12
04. Unorthodox Elements
05. Anamnesis (Part 1)
06. The Abyss of Doubt
07. Mutation
08. First Interlude (Absense of Measure)
09. Permutation
10. Kundalini
11. Anamnesis (Part 2)
12. Blue i
13. Second Interlude (The Choosing)

Autobiography by Company Wayne McGregor and Jlin LIVE!:

07.26-28.18 - London, UK - Sadler’s Wells
10.5-7.18 - Los Angeles, CA - The Music Center
10.12-13.18 - Krakow, PL - Unsound Festival
02.7-8.19 - Abu Dhabi, UAE - The Arts Center NYU

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