♫♪  FarragoL - Kalerloop pt​​​.​​​4

No touching!

All day dripping that cool wet water and squirting some frosting like it’s toothpaste into your mouth and cheeks. Oh yeah, that’s the feel of this new FarragoL chiller, Kalerloop pt​​​.​​​4. Talking pure pleasure. All peace and beats and samples and moods. All the way through.

Different take: you know when you’ve been at work all day, staring at a screen, and you go home and start staring at a different screen? Then you think, “Hey, knock it off,” so you toss the phone/shut the laptop/unplug the Leapfrog and stew in yourself. Eyes closed and mind active. Yeah, that feeling. That zone. That’s Kalerloop pt​​​.​​​4.

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