♫♪  Fatima Al Qadiri - “Knight Fare (post-war Dub)”

War is a racket
War is over.
War is peace.
War is hell.

Get our of your search box and join the fight, coward.

“A theory of sonic warfare is particularly fascinated by [the] turbulent boundary layer between dance and violence.”


I’m late for the Grime Wars, but so is Fatima Al Qadiri. We’ll cruise the littered battlefield in our luminescent hovercraft, spraying tinny bullets, revving the Mario Kart engine, never upended by the synth-pad hillocks.

It’s a nice irony that nobody really knows who said “History Is Written by the Victors,” not even Jeeves. So we’ll plunge any old flag into the bleeding ground, and not write a thing.

• Fatima Al Qadiri: http://fatimaalqadiri.com

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