♫♪  Finn - B2B w/ UNiiQU3

Manchester DJ and producer, Finn McCorry, has an octopus-like reach when it comes to selecting tracks. His NTS shows are liable to contain everything from grime to garage to house classics to club edits and everything in between. It comes as no surprise that he linked up with UNiiQU3 for the first of his B2B series — she too has an encyclopedic knowledge of music, providing eclecticism in the form of samples rather than original songs. Jersey Club, after all, fearlessly “remixes everything” from Night Slugs to Future to wedding reception classics.

Listen below as Finn and UNiiQU3 go track for track — no preparation/practice runs, just two DJs spinning for one hour. Their collaboration is a fast-paced sonic adventure, dizzying and varied, yet surprisingly adaptable: its range of cultural allusions and diversity of style keep it interesting for home listening and car rides, while its rapid transitions and 130 bpm bass thuds are enough to keep even the most reluctant dancer glued to the floor. Enjoy it through headphones or throw it on at a house party, and be sure to check Finn’s SoundCloud next month for a new B2B mix.

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