♫♪  Finn - Dance Music Has Betrayed Us All

The was-I-even-there effect is the new story-time radio. Nobody gives a fucking shit where you been and on what. Finn’s unapologetic Dance Music Has Betrayed Us All makes listeners want to sit down. Like, just take a fucking seat and JKKK STUPID, DANCE!!!! That’s the fucking smoke-screen you peace of shit. Let’s get high in the top floor because ventilation of vapor. Girl, that breeze. Fanning with your hand. Nothing else reminds of of the devil: credit cards, the internet, insurance, cable television, ill-fucck-lum-in-fucking-ati out this club. A 4AM dancefloor because nobody else cares. This life isn’t. Dance Music Has Betrayed Us All , STUPID! Want, we want; all want:

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