♫♪  Fire-Toolz - “CODENAME BONKERS”

“May awakening be known in your body at this time.”

I’ve always been at odds with the idea of meditative music being, by necessity, soft or repetitive. The popular notion in the West persists of chanting, chimes, etc. True mindfulness though doesn’t require that set formula or certain boxes of Eastern traditions to check. With a bit of practice and the right mindset, the sounds are somewhat secondary.

There’s a meditative quality to gnarly culture-jammer Fire-Toolz’s latest track “CODENAME BONKERS.” Even beyond the spiritual guidance of queer Buddhist priest Zenju Earthlyn Manuel (a nice sampling touch), this track has a different vibe to it compared to the earlier work of Fire-Toolz. Instead of the visceral, sample-heavy, twenty-songs-all-at-once approach that Angel Marcloid built the project from, “CODENAME BONKERS” is…mellow? The sonic perforation is absolutely still there; there’s a driving kick straight out of a gabber track but over a misty open chord, like rushing through a bonus level in Crash Bandicoot. In fact, it’s a rather bare track in contrast to what Fire-Toolz has previously done. The outrageous EBM sampling and black metal vocals are gone and what is left is a pure rolling beat, adorned with guitar and bass riffs as well as the occasional key squeal. It’s a strangely soothing sound.

In the pursuit of zen, “CODENAME BONKERS” achieves something a little zany but no less sincere and mentally stimulating. With Fire-Toolz giving you all the textures and samples to work this one out, you’ll want to sculpt it with your mind.

“May rage be settled.”

Interbeing by Fire-Toolz is out on CD and beautiful cassette on November 9, through Bedlam Tapes. Stream “CODENAME BONKERS” below:

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