♫♪  Fishdoll - “Toehead”

Last week, Tiny Mix Tapes premiere the new “Panaluya” single off Paxico Records’ new Fishdoll release, Noonsense, a lofty echo of soaring pop that vertebrates the underground level of artistry that’s been briskly bubbling with her peers for years. Today, Chocolate Grinder is proud to premiere the video for single, “Toehead,” which is more of an aural track that surrounds the senses in a feverous blur. Similar to the music video, “Toehead” crackles at listeners like synesthesia on a slice of fragmented blurs that only focus when an incendiary beat swelters the surface. Similar to the anxiety we all experience as young, budding adults into such wrinkled bloom, “Toehead” takes control in the way maturation lets lose on the masses. Be courageous. Embrace destiny. Find “Toehead” off Noonsense out on Paxico Records early 2018.

Chocolate Grinder

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