♫♪  Fishdoll - “Panaluya”

Paxico Records been had the beat-game forever, but the production conglomerate doesn’t stop at a single genre, no matter how many subgenres you can think of from the hip-hop instrumental game, no. Having gotten their feet wet with the little conscious sax serenade of Sigmund Washington, fusion-funk from 〄 DJM 〄 trio, and a subway-club monster by The Nativist’s , Paxico stretches the label’s boundaries (and dollars) into realms that define their linages of producers who challenge fans and random listeners alike. Then Fishdoll comes in, smashing down walls like Terminator 2 on the moon, super anti-gravity, and into pillows.

Fishdoll previously premiered two singles, “Toehead” and “Beijing Well,” off the newest Paxico Records release, Noonsense. Both singles feature incredibly floaty vocals — that soar into the similar Paxico land of HEIRESS — that slow-motion listeners through the two sonic experiences, gliding almost furiously through clouds, enhancing the peaceful moment with a relaxing velocity. The newest Fishdoll single, “Panaluya,” (which TMT is proud to premiere) takes listeners into lofty sensibility, shrouded in an all encompassing rhythm that engulfs light vocals, a stuttering melody that echos as it warbles, and manages to keep a consistent harmonious aura, gently rocking. Now dip.

Fishdoll’s debut album Noonsense is out early 2018 on Paxico Records digitally and on CS and CD. Nod to “Panaluya” vibes until:

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