♫♪  FIT Siegel + Kassem Mosse - “Cycle Blue”

“Cycle Blue” is some properly functional techno. No, not that kind of “functional,” what with its connotations of gym playlists, overpriced drinks and Facebook video recipes; FIT Siegel and erstwhile knob-twiddler Kassem Mosse are here to reclaim functionality, to play with form and warp the well-trodden elements.

Coming off of their collaborative Saboten 12” for Siegel’s own FIT Sound, “Cycle Blue” is an aqueous roller that neatly refines the oft-freewheeling stylings of Kassem Mosse into some real early-hours gear. Not to say that he needed reigning in, but its great to hear those live-jam impulses – gentle 303 ribbons, twinkly leads, and dubbed-out clapping – compacted into an eminently Rekordbox-able and, quite frankly, “functional” tune. It’s a testament to the exploratory spirit of both FS and KM that this collabo could not only happen, but that it could also see the light of day. What’s theirs is now ours too:

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