♫♪  MM/KM - Have You Seen Them?

Taking a torch to a drum machine, getting biscuit crumbs stuck in between synth keys. There’s MM, fresh off a couple of EPs in the past year or so, and there’s KM, who stays doing whatever the fuck he wants to. Then, there’s MM/KM, who stitch burnt-out house jams together for the listening/bu¥ing public (note that their self-titled release has been $old out for a minute). This latest 12” is business as usual for the duo, sculpting some seemingly weightless trax that revel in doing it wrong, a tidy mess of beats, surface noise and any/everything that sticks. Bust a move, end the funk, flip Have You Seen Them? over and do it all again. I just wanna know: when do we get to hear more?

Mix Mup. Kassem Mosse. The Trilogy Tapes. Palace. Let’s. Git. It.

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