♫♪  fluff pup - fuck fluff pup

The haunted quality of digital-audio slow motion is both foretelling and retrograded. In one hand, you have a language being presented that’s further from robotic or alien, but manipulative and incandescent with fringed sounds that speak on levels of the originator, the schemer, the program, the computer, and the way it’s presented. The other hand beholds retrograde within the technology used and provided sonically (involving the listeners’ AND the schemer’s technologies), aside from, but not excluding, the age of each sampled track torn and stretched in an echo of microchips and surges. fuck fluff pup goes in on these zones from a Pittsburghian angle, satiating modern desire for change within the unchanged (pop by-way of progression).

fuck fluff pup finds an instigative element for the simple flip-and-turn mindset. By mingling samples through a filtered speed-mixer, fluff pup draws from all across the pop spectrum, digi-sludging an array of sounds that purposefully collide than collage. Like walking through the jungle, rather than following or making a path. fuck fluff pup is almost a commentary on ping and Internet speeds, had it only been recorded real-time through Skype on a lag that’s intentionally bombed-out.

Interested in more? Head on over to the Ailanthus Recordings and/or fluff pup Bandcamps to find the entirety of fuck fluff pup, and a warped mind to-come:

• fluff pup: https://fluffpup.bandcamp.com
• Ailanthus Recordings: http://ailanthusrecordings.bandcamp.com

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