♫♪  Food Pyramid & Roy Orb D.M.T. - “Windsong”

I’m going to make an entire mixtape out of songs that begin with the sound of rushing water, and I think “Windsong,” the first track off of Food Pyramid & Roy Orb D.M.T. collaboration Arp Navigators, will start the whole thing. It will be like a good short story. The kaleidoscope synth washes will help establish the setting, letting the listener know what they are getting into. Subtle hints of melody like a real solid introvert of a main character. And that smattering of drum noises alluding to what is likely to come later in the mix. Sometimes I worry that all of my creative writing classes have ruined how I listen to music.

Listen to “Windsong” below, forget everything I just said, and decide for yourself what you think of it! The entirety of Arp Navigators will be available December 4 as Moon Glyph’s 50th label release.

• Food Pyramid: http://foodpyramidband.com
• Moon Glyph: http://moonglyph.com

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