♫♪  Francesco Cavaliere - Live at Issue Project Room (April 5, 2018)

I saw this performance at Issue Project Room flanked by Hydryoga on my left and C Monster on my right.

I had loved Francesco Cavaliere anyway but when this performance began my jaw literally dropped in full enamorement.

Hydro looked over to me and exclaimed, “This is so you!”

And it was, so much so that I went up to Cavaliere after and thanked him for all he had done.

He speaks to us as if we are children gathered on a mat looking at a most magical reader. We’re returned to a mental place of wonder guided by a most expressive voice.

Even though the live performance included English translations of his Italian text, these renderings were poetry in their own right rather than a narrative line to follow. I wish I had those words, though, to pick through as I bite my lip as Cavaliere twirls my brain.

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