♫♪  Francesco Cavaliere - Gancio Cielo [teaser video]

I ain’t even gonna question if you like creepy shit and Hundebiss Records. I see you sitting there right now watching me write this post on Francesco Cavaliere’s newest (and first full-length) release Gancio Cielo is perfectly soundtracking your vibes upon mine. Yo, but it’s chill because Gancio Cielo is some real dark feels in a very PG-rated way. Since Cavaliere’s last Hundebiss tape Neverending Somersault, the sound provocateur has been circuiting the live-show belt, including acute studio work, Gancio Cielo presents his fresh Italian vocal abilities to drive most of the work’s attention to the art of voice, surrounded by composure only Lieven Martens or Robert Beatty has presented to the world, recently. And Cavaliere’s sound effects are entirely home-grown, so trip around that tree. Yet, as the album description reads on the label site, I also believe there is some real story-telling aspects to Gancio Cielo. Now, I don’t speak Italian, as does Hundebiss, so I can’t honestly tell you if what you’re hearing is an actual story, rather than a poem or status updates, but even if you don’t speak Italian, there’s a belief that through the intent and action and furver
Francesco Cavaliere uses with speech-sound alone, I heavily feel the world I cannot literally understand unfolds to me via sonics, and all I wanna do is keep listening to dig more.

Scope the teaser video made by Hundebiss above, snoop the sample track from Francesco Cavaliere below, and grip yourself an LP copy of Gancio Cielo here ASAP!!

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