♫♪  Free Weed - Free

When I saw Free Weed play “Rainier Beer” from their Lillerne Tapes release Free a few weeks ago in Portland, main man Erik Gage and his on-stage dance support, Unkle Funkle, pantomimed (because the bar didn’t have it) shaking, opening, and spraying tall boys of Rainier all over each other. It was like a scene from some early-90s teenage movie celebrating beer, drugs, and summer break. In fact, Free in its entirety is just pop-punk and fun enough to soundtrack an entire film from the irresponsible-teenagers-making-bad-decisions genre.

Listen to it below, buy the album from Lillerne Tapes, and prepare yourself for some serious bro-ing down.

• Free Weed: http://erikgage.bandcamp.com
• Lillerne Tapes: http://www.lillernetapes.com

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