♫♪  Future Museums - Tea Service

The glowing, living hope inherent in Neil Lord’s Tea Service, his new release as Future Museums, should not be a surprise. I’ve found that it’s almost impossible not to be filled with shining joy every time I do something for someone else without thought for recompense. The very act itself is its own reward, and the relationships initiated or strengthened are gifts much greater than any sort of remuneration could possibly be.

That’s why Tea Service hits like it does, as all proceeds from the digital album go toward the Lilith Fund, which subsidizes “abortions for Texans and advocates for change through the movement of reproductive justice.” Important work these days, and this is an especially personal nonprofit as Lord himself is from Austin. The Future Museums aesthetic is on full display, gorgeous synthesizer ululations to the cosmic forces that bind us together, serious hymns to physics and strict reminders that there’s more to it than centering one’s existence on the self.

There are others to think about too. Others whose quality of life could be improved by simple acts of kindness. Join Future Museums in giving back.

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