♫♪  The Garment District - “Bird Or Bat”

My dog Mahdi is a little stinker. As soon as we’re out the door, she races down our steps and gets her head stuck in the gate. I flick my BIC, play “Bird Or Bat” on my phone, it becomes the new night-walk jam, and I put my hood up. Mahdi is a hound doggie, so she loves playing detective on our walks. Her squirrel-hunting music is my man Marvin (NOT YOU), cause she’s the devil. She continues to sniff along, and I nod a lot until we reach the top of our block’s hill by big bushes. I’ve never been past that point, so I go around the front of the school there #mistake. Thinking the people talking at the end of “Bird Or Bat” is coming from inside the school, I instantly douse my Jamaican and run away with Mahdi down a ravine. The Garment District’s new cassette Melody Elder gives thanks to Night People. You should too by checking out Night People’s most recent batch of releases ASAP!

• The Garment District: http://thegarmentdistrict.bandcamp.com
• Night People: http://www.raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

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