♫♪  Gemini Sisters - “Blunt Yellow”

“Those born under the Gemini sign are thought to have a dual nature symbolized by twins. This duality also represents interaction and collaboration. The sign of Gemini is closely associated with this exchange of ideas.”

Typically, I’m not one for mystical notions; the esoteric is deeply alluring to me up until the threshold of buying in, believing. In spite of that, there’s some beauty to be found in the divinations and impressions of the stars, heavens, and all else under their gaze. Perhaps that’s more observation than mysticism, but it bears contemplation.

I was born under the sign of Gemini (the twins, of air, the color yellow, and Wednesdays) and outside of stumbling into a Tumblr astrology circle, I don’t catch the significance of my sign often. The nature of duality and polarity are integral to it and while it may be more coincidence than a zodiac auspice, I find my perspective often informed by those aforementioned notions. Gemini Sisters (a.k.a John Kolodij and Matt Christensen) is the result of a much more interesting interpretation of Gemini, a collaborative guitar drone project every bit in the spirit of Gemini. Distended sound, swollen by chants tracing constellation paths on high. It’s clear (in a hazy sort of way) that Gemini Sisters is rooted in a higher ideal, meandering upward with eyes lingering down to Earth. Kolodij and Christensen play off each other so well that they nearly subvert the duality inherent in Gemini Sisters, achieving ethereal alignment. Perhaps that’s what my sign is all about, the subversion of what is perceived as inherently separate.

On that note alone, the sound of this collaboration, this divination of Gemini by two talented artists, is worth the contemplation.

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