♫♪  High aura’d - If I’m Walking in the Dark, I’m Whispering

Halloween may be over, but I love laying awake at 2 a.m., zoning some spine-tingling jams from Cleveland, Ohio’s High aura’d (John Kolodij). TMT was fortunate to catch up with John a year ago, where he talked about his passion for scoring films, cooking, and fly fishing in Ohio. He has a new release, If I’m Walking in the Dark, I’m Whispering , which encapsulates what we’ve come to know and love from this project: sprawling Americana/drone hybrids via acoustic guitar, piano, and various effects. Split between two sides of a cassette, If I’m Walking… is a surprising, haunting autumnal sonic journey best experienced the whole way through. With the shorter daylight hours, High aura’d provides a cold yet comforting soundtrack for barren trees in the forest, snow beginning to trickle out of the sky, and the trudging bleakness that is winter.

If I’m Walking in the Dark, I’m Whispering is available now through Unifactor, in cassette and digital formats, and also as part of a batch that includes similar autumnal acoustic sorcery from New Hard Folk and Shells.

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