♫♪  George Clanton - 100% Electronica

From the very beginning, even as Mirror Kisses or ESPRIT, George Clanton has always demonstrated not only impeccable taste in aesthetics and presentation, but it has actually translated successfully into his music, something many other artists have trouble doing. His now solo-titled project, taking the form of debut album 100% Electronica isn’t too much of a departure from his past work, which is great, considering he already had a winning formula of sorts. Clanton’s music continues to defy easy categorization, it was never just post-chillwave, or vaporwave, or 80s New Wave throwback, it’s all of these and more, and Clanton’s got an amazing curatorial ear when it comes to songwriting, which is oh-so evident all throughout this new release.

• George Clanton: http://100pelectronica.bandcamp.com

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