♫♪  George Clanton - “Make It Forever”

George Clanton is Back™

Did he ever leave us? Not really, but Clanton sure has been occupied lately, between managing the label 100% Electronica and coming off an ambitious 2017 US tour with Negative Gemini. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the future-pop workaholic has kept busy in spite of all of that. He is here to christen “the beginning of a new era” with “Make It Forever.”

In the canon of Clanton anthems, this one is already up with there with the best. It’s hard to miss how heavily informed George is by the experience of live performance; “Make It Forever” is practically primed for screaming at the top of your lungs, intoxicated by a crowd of ecstatic folks all on your wavelength. As someone that’s seen the George Clanton experience in person, it’s not to be missed. I can already see myself belting this cathartic tearjerker, rending my throat and emotions raw. A new era indeed, George. Sign me up.

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