♫♪  GFOTY - “Lemsip”

GFOTY continues to be the girlfriend of the year by gracing us unworthy fans with another video in support of her delicious greatest hits compilation, GFOTYBUCKS, which was released November 17 via PC Music.

The queen herself has let us in some of the behind-the-scenes gossip #JUICY: “This video is sick because it has that hot babe from the Linkin Park ‘Crawling’ video pretending to be me - maybe I shouldn’t have said that because people might’ve thought it was actually me and be like ‘oh wow GFOTY is so fucking bangin’.’ well, the cat’s out the bag now guys! anyway - yeah watch this amazing video by Ambar Navarro - Oh! and I’m actually drinking Lemsip right now.”

In addition to the release of her album, GFOTY will be opening a branch of *GFOTYBUCKS* at London’s Five Miles Club during the release party on November 23rd. Attendees will be able to taste some corporate, sugary GFOTY-tested recipes alongside the hottest *GFOTYBUCKS* baristas: GFOTY (live), DJ Warlord, MC Boing, Spinee, Ben Suff Donk, SURATI, Chema Papi Diaz & GFOTY (DJ set).

Take a little taste or even a gulp.

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