PC Music releases old PC Music music in new PC Music music music formats

PC Music releases old PC Music music in new PC Music music music formats

The thing about PC Music is, “music” is in their name, so you always have to consider that they’re going to be releasing music in one form or another. Case in point: thought PC Music’s Month of Mayhem was over just because the month ended, all the tracks were released, and all the tracks were subsequently compiled and put out as an album??? Ha! Think again, idiot. May 2017 may have wrapped over a year ago, but baby, May 2017 will NEVER DIE. December 2018 is May 2017 now. Nothing stops this train from rolling, not even the linear passage of time.

Month of Mayhem rolls on with into its 20th month with the vinyl release of the compilation. All 19 tracks — we’re talkin’ Danny L. Harle, we’re talkin’ POBBLES, and you best believe we’re talkin’ AND MORE — spread out across four sides of vinyl, with graphic art by Timothy Luke so hypnotic it might make your eyes hurt. But in a good way!

Ouch! I’m having fun!

But, that’s not all… Just when you thought it was safe to go outside assuming there would be no more volumes of PC Music music…well you’d be kind of right. But also: THINK AGAIN, IDIOT. After releasing not one but two compilations on vinyl earlier this year, the label is re-issuing the pair on both vinyl and CD! Or as PC Music puts it themselves, re-issuing the pair on both “LIMITED EDITION ANALOG STORAGE MEDIUM” and “VERY VERY COMPACT OPTICAL DISCS IDEAL FOR DIODE LASERS.”

Oh man, we’re all about to get sooo fat on PC Music physical media.

Everything mentioned above is out RIGHT NOW. Find the Month of Mayhem vinyl here, the vinyl re-issue of PC Music Volume 1 and 2 here, and the CD re-issue here. Head below for various artworks and tracklistings to absorb into your eyeballs.

Month of Mayhem

01. Danny L Harle - Me4U (feat. Morrie) (A. G. Cook Remix)
02. Life Sim - Lightning Lipgloss Life
03. Spinee - Distant Promise
04. GFOTY - Month of Mayhem
05. MC Boing - Dance Floor
06. Lil Data - Casey Asked Me Am I Angry
07. EASYFUN - Blink
08. Danny L Harle - 1UL
09. A. G. Cook - Money On A Gold Plate
10. Chris Lee - Only You (Clark remix)
11. Guys Next Door - Behind The Wall
12. A. G. Cook - Cos I Love U
13. Chris Lee - Real Love (et aliae remix)
14. DJ Warlord - Droom
15. Danny Sunshine - Never Thought
17. Lil Data - Temple (TidalCycles Edit)
18. A. G. Cook - Windowlicker
19. tonight.burns.red - hi.tech

PC Music Volume 1 tracklist:

01. Hannah Diamond - Every Night
02. A. G. Cook - Beautiful
04. Danny L Harle - In My Dreams
05. Hannah Diamond - Attachment
06. Lipgloss Twins - Wannabe
07. Lil Data - Change
08. Thy Slaughter - Bronze
09. A. G. Cook feat. Hannah Diamond - Keri Baby
10. GFOTY - Don’t Wanna/Let’s Do It
11. EASYFUN - Laplander
12. A. G. Cook feat. Hannah Diamond - Drop FM
13. Dux Content - Snow Globe
14. Hannah Diamond - Pink and Blue

PC Music Volume 2 tracklist:

01. Hannah Diamond - Fade Away
02. Danny L Harle feat. Carly Rae Jepsen - Super Natural
03. A. G. Cook - Superstar
04. EASYFUN feat. Noonie Bao - Monopoly
05. GFOTY - Poison
06. felicita - a new family
07. Hannah Diamond - Hi
08. Danny L Harle - Broken Flowers
09. Chris Lee - Only You
10. Life Sim - I.D.L.
11. Lipgloss Twins - Doodle
12. Danny L Harle feat. Caroline Polachek - Ashes of Love

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