♫♪  Giant Swan - Live in Milan

URSSS is still up in the Live in Milan kick with superb live-recordings (both audibly and visually), this time with a harsher kick with Giant Swan. As part of the Dance Affliction concept party, Giant Swan went through some heavy layers of outsider gurgling, gritty-basement techno, warped-out atmospherica, and a rawness that is captured down to each bead of sweat. Sound the alarm. URSSS is on a rampage. And targeting places like Dance Affliction (for all of us who are too lazy to go out) just helps pump the personal apartment party up to the tenants above.

Dance Affliction is a concept party, created by four members of the collective that runs Milan’s squat/venue/cultural center MACAO: Arcangelo De Castris, Manuela Gama Malcher, Daniele Guerrini and Francesco Birsa Alessandri (the latter two also co-curating Haunter Records).

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