♫♪  glassine - “Day 1 - all proceeds to planned parenthood in bmore”

The most beholding quality of sound is its indirectness without visual cue. Whether what you’re listening to is without title or contextual indication, no narrator bares integrity. And if you’re interested in a meaning: make one up on your own. Thus, as it sounds, “Day 1 - all proceeds to planned parenthood in bmore” by glassine is the instrumental adaptation of that one, good-/old-timey song, “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head.” But similar to how the equilibrium is off in “Day 1 - all proceeds to planned parenthood in bmore,” audible cues tend to direct your visage to the right as your eyes track something on the left, and nothing seems to be “order.” Echoing as if its a whisper in the ear. All shimmering, though. It’s weird.

When one tries to blend the audible context with the literal name glassine gave this track, “Day 1 - all proceeds to planned parenthood in bmore,” the experience opens up further and further with each listen. Momentum continues to gain. Eventually we’ll all be free from:

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