♫♪  Glassine - No Stairway

No Stairway by Glassine is beyond expectation. There’s been plenty of Guitar Center and found-sound meshings that’s been traversing SoundCloud and Bandcamp as-of recent avenues, and Glassine just smothered ‘em all. Like, No Stairway is some post-vaporwave produced faux melodic ambiance that’s all at once subconscious music and next-level field recording. And the esoterica and nostalgic level of listening here is completely outta-whack when paired with the idea that NONE of these samples are realmed in the same genre or created (potentially) by the same person. More-so, all these people are unsuspecting of No Stairway’s audience; if you’re going to Guitar Center for a guitar (or piano, drum kit, pedal, w/e), you’ll inevitably play your best jam using this equipment just to hear how it sounds, all the while, you are completely aware of others listening in, so: SHRED. And though the album was generated by multiple people unknowingly being recorded — each valued with a different musical intention than the other — Glassine (mustn’t we forget) is the ultimate mastermind behind the project. He’s the puppet master. He’s the final artist. He’s the one leading all listeners to No Stairway, which will be out this summer on Patient Sounds. Enjoy it digitally below:

• Glassine: https://soundcloud.com/glassine
• Patient Sounds: http://www.patient-sounds.com

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