♫♪  Gobby - “Anti-Meme”

So, I’m intentionally unclear in reviews of mine so listeners can feel the music’s vibe, enticing them to just straight-up go listen to the album. Yesterday, we dropped my review of Gobby’s newest DFA Records release, No Mercy Bad Poet. Within it, I play with motifs and themes from the album, stemming from “self-consciousness, escaping NYC, observational humour, lily-pad love-letter.” To flagrantly describe these:

• self-consciousness: Gobby’s voice is so well blended with the music that without seeing videos like “The Dishwasher,” one might not even know there are vocals occurring opposed to synthetic melodies being implemented among the album’s many melodies. Thus, Gobby strikes a bit of that self-conscious feel, trying to hide something his other releases don’t necessarily dabble in (a.k.a. singing), while continuing to cover up “vocals” in his works.

• escaping NYC: Update — “Gobby actually lives in Providence now!”

• observational humour: It’s nearly impossible to hear the plethora of noises being implemented in No Mercy Bad Poet upon first listen. So Gobby uses comedic timing (such as the voice saying conclusion at the end of “Talk (x3)”) to equally provide the listener with the mentality of recognizing out-of-place sounds, while also being discrete throughout the rest of the release.

• lily-pad love-letter: Although the song itself doesn’t contain frog sounds (as other tracks do), “Anti-Meme” provides this hateful confessional that’s just as intended to wash away the guilt of publishing these words. “Anti-Meme” is the Frog Prince moment of No Mercy Bad Poet. It’s the wait that Gobby has been trying to suppress. That kiss he longs for in order to transform from this hate-/spiteful personality of reptile. Thus, the video: slowly revealing his visage as human, forfeiting the web-toes those socks provide, and YOU SEE HIM!

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