Gobby pet sits for an insurance company, announces new album Beats By Gobby 2 on UNO

Gobby pet sits for an insurance company, announces new album Beats By Gobby 2 on UNO

If lethargy and nausea are currently overwhelming you because you’ve recently been inundated with utterly banal musical discoveries, you might want to double-check to see if you aren’t simultaneously throwing-up as well, because it’s flu season in the Northern Hemisphere. Hell, even if the inside of your toilet bowl does resemble your best dinner attempt at a Jackson Pollock, let’s bring Gobby into the mix, because his ability as a producer has the considerable potential to both perk up your years AND divert your attention from the cellular battle currently being waged dangerously close to the edge of all orifices!

The New York-based artist isn’t one for being the center of attention, but despite the few — if any — in-depth interviews to which he’s consented, the music bearing his moniker contains all necessary intrigue. His 2014 album Wakng Thrst for Seeping Banhee was a weird narrative trip accompanied by equally weird homemade videos; and around that time, he also released his first Beats By Gobby mixtape. Was it Gobby in straightfoward form?

Apparently, still fuck no. Beats By Gobby 2 goes without an overall concept just like the first one, though what we get instead is exactly what the title implies: beats from a guy who wanders liberated in an artistic sense. Calling it electronic music might work if we’re inclined toward extreme concision, but even that connotes a little too much.

Pre-order (with a free hat) ahead of its February 14 release, and check the video for the track “Trunks Nett” below:

Beats By Gobby 2 tracklisting:

01. Newboz
02. Trunks Nett
03. Marketplace
04. Le Congy
05. YARD
06. Take Pic
07. Chu Chu Chane
08. BB Guide
09. Z Angrily
10. Beatchable Benis
11. Phroccoli
12. Praty Selep
13. I Could Die For Duoi
14. Limon
15. Schwuft!
16. Adam Bladow
17. Fart Outside My Dude
18. Penney Wise
19. I Have A Joke
20. Cloud Harris

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