♫♪  Gobby - “CK3: In Loving Murmury”

“CK3: In Loving Murmury” (above), is the third track in a series off Gobby’s newest HOSS Records release, El Honko.

“CK2: Escort” is video maker, Elliot Kaufman’s second in the series of three, exploring (this time with) the diorama of narrative scene-setting.

Leaving “CK1: Empty Room” in the shadows of imagination.

Actually, “CK3: In Loving Murmury” keeps Gobby up there with my eternal relativity to emotional connection via sound. The tone, pitch, lyrical verse, melody, harmony, pace; I could listen to “CK3: In Loving Murmury” for hours on repeat. It’s the same one in the same song for the same song into the same song, infinity. Gobby!!

Also, snoop this mixcloud link for a new Gobby mix.

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