♫♪  Gobby - “Clifford”

1080p Collection is tossing up jackpots all month long. No playbook, just backyard economics: respect and supply. And 1080p isn’t the different bully you had every year throughout your primary schooling. No, 1080p invited you to throw rocks at things and shared their pizza lunchables. 1080p is that dude. A dude who introduced you to Gobby: a friend who you bonded over a mutual love and wariness of shrimp. Wallet & Cellphone is their upcoming album from the two pals listed above. “Clifford” is an uplifting moment I never want to leave and is also the name of my editor.

• Gobby: https://soundcloud.com/gobby-2
• 1080p Collection: https://soundcloud.com/1080pcollection

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