♫♪  GOBBY - El Honko Mixed

GOBBY is a very big deal to me, let alone TMT. Maybe it’s an overwhelming feeling for everyone else, but it seems like GOBBY’s releases can always pin-point my feelings and exactly what I’m audibly into at the moment. Then, going back and replaying/reprocessing this music trends with me in an evolutionary way, without a smidgen of nostalgia. Even GOBBY’s works with Mykki Blanco is pure revisionist type nonsense that I love calling silly because how-else you listen to music?

Welp, thanks to HOSS Records, GOBBY just dropped a new-new entitled El Honko Mixed. It’s a good culmination of all and none of GOBBY’s previous works, and exactly the smelly kid in class who never changed their sweatshirt for two and a half years, including patches and pins that are half all falling off. Find a sound:

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