This is a level I’m typically not used to from GOLDEN LIVING ROOM. Last few visits I’ve soared with GOLDEN LIVING ROOM in and out of daily life and on to planes of digital and virtual and pixel existences. Yet, this is REALLY noisy, in a psychedelic mixing zone. Oh shit, and I’m loving the title “DEAR LIL SEGA / DARK MUSE,” obviously referencing a fellah TMTers are familiar with, maybe. Shit, or it’s a direct reference in how GOLDEN LIVING ROOM has been actively trying to establish a linage in the Sega software line since Dreamcast. But “DEAR LIL SEGA / DARK MUSE” is all at once a pure single collage of sounds and nothing you’ve ever heard before.

Then DREAMCRUSHER cuts in with that HARSH beat vibe that painfully meets ever bit of your interest. And by way of darkness, finding yourself without the lights is as easy as putting on headphones and seering your insides. Yeah, the entire thing is like a remix of feedback, but what else do you need in terms of DREAMCRUSHER. The fellah has pretty much harmonized every excruciating tinge of sound into a melodic empire. Like, just when you thought them ear buds were fading out, DREAMCRUSHER comes in and makes you buy a new pair, eyes pouring with tears of joy.

Feel the GOLDEN LIVING ROOM / DREAMCRUSHER Split Cassette below via This Ain’t Heaven Recording Company:

• GOLDEN LIVING ROOM: https://soundcloud.com/goldenlivingroom
• Dreamcrusher: http://dreamcrusher.bandcamp.com
• This Ain’t Heaven Recording Company: http://www.thisaintheavenrc.com

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