PTP releasing Silent Weapons photo documentary book tomorrow

PTP releasing Silent Weapons photo documentary book tomorrow
L'Rain L'Live (Photo: Richard R Ross)

“But wait a minute, this is Tiny Mix Tapes, not Tiny Photo Documentary Books! What gives?”

Well, I’ll tell you what: The NYC-based purveyors of weaponized media known as PTP are purveying their first ever book. The title, befitting of the medium and its subjects, is Silent Weapons.

“Huh? I don’t get it.”

Sigh…okay, look: because it’s a book, it’s “silent.” And the musical performances documented therein are the “weapons.”

“OK, I’ll buy that, but where have I heard that phrase ‘silent weapons’ before?”

You got me. It’s actually the name of the series of benefit shows PTP has been throwing across NYC over the past few years. And it’s these events — featuring artists like Armand Hammer, Eartheater, Dis Fig, King Vision Ultra, Dreamcrusher, and others — that are documented in this book, with photography by Richard R Ross.

“Woah! Those shows sound awesome. I would’ve went, but I’ve been holed up in Bear Dance, Montana. Is there another one coming up?”

Yes! It’s May 9 at H0L0 in Queens, NY, with a bill featuring Cities Aviv, KEPLA, Speaker Music (aka DeForrest Brown Jr.), YATTA, Channel 63, Dreamcrusher + King Vision Ultra + Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste and more. Proceeds go to National Bail Out for the National Black Mama Bail Out (on Mother’s Day).

“Cool, hey, wait another minute. Haven’t you used this exact same narrative device in another PTP news item before?”

You got me again. Pre-order the Silent Weapons photo documentary here. It comes out on Friday (a.k.a. “tomorrow” a.k.a. April 19, 2019).

Silent Weapons cover art

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