♫♪  Good Willsmith - Is The Food Your Family Eats Slowly [album stream]

I love the guitar string squeal, that little fret noise when switching notes. It sounds like the children playing at the kindergarten nearby the community garden I sometimes walk through at night. Slowly. And I always touch all of the leaves. Someone caught me once, and I was embarrassed, considering they aren’t my plants, but she just smiled and continued pulling tomatoes from her plant. It was a scene in a movie, you see. I remembered it when my friend started talking about Will Smith at work, which then reminded me how I put that new Good Willsmith album on my iPod, which then reminded me how I played it at the bar and everyone left because that slow-churning ambience is bad for bar business.

Thankfully, it works well as a soundtrack for walking through the garden next to the playground still muddy from all of the kids tramping around in the rain. Download Good Willsmith’s Is The Food Your Family Eats Slowly and give it a try. I think you’ll agree. Then you can buy the tape and share the experience with a friend using your Sony Walkman, each inserting one of the two earbuds. You have to walk close together so it doesn’t get pulled out, but it’s worth it.

• Good Willsmith: http://goodwillsmith.bandcamp.com
• Hausu Mountain Records: http://hausumountain.com

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