♫♪  Graham Kartna - “The Next Town Over”

Lies, night, myrrh—shoe.
Shoe, night, myrrh—glee!

Gleefully, the kooky sounds of Graham Kartna wobble like udders ripe with mead, and to suckle on them, and end up sea-bathing in dreams.

Someone counts their fingers in these situations. Were there five or ten of them? Horse and cart go by…But did the horse have a horse and the cart have a cart?

I’m just a crumpled cow with a crumpled horn. The wind blows mice in my hair. If there is a key there must be a door, and this one, either k-hole or poppadum, is enormous

“The Next Town Over” is one of many attractions on Memory No. 36 Recordings’s ongoing compilation series, Traditions.

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