♫♪  Graham Kartna - Shoot The Moons

Bubbly, chaotic; two toy trains running straight into each other. That’s Kartna’s work: a metaphor of a primitive, childlike state where colors explode, the development of the self rests far-off in the beyond, & the present is your only consciousness. On Shoot The Moons Kartna expands the methods recorded in his previous work. More symbols, more action figures to play with. More cool, weird fruit to eat, along with the Halloween candy in the pillow case. More about a forced togetherness of different timbres, resting on top of each other, panned from left to right, jungle-gym style, all ball-pit & the happy rush of sodium into the brain, a commentary on the excess of a fragmented pop aesthetic, and within that range of possibility: The Reality of a Fantasy.

What does a Sim listen to, late at night, in their room, on their headphones, with all the lights out? To Kartna, of course.

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