♫♪  Grandmilly - “Annunaki” ft. Dunny Cold-Facts / “Elohim”

I make music for dust heads, walk out Nike Town with a crisp pair.” The opening line from Grandmilly’s “Annunaki” verse (the song’s second) is about as fine an introduction as you’re going to get. A former Raider Klan member (and one of the only NY rappers who can stake that claim, if memory serves), Grandmilly has been quietly yet consistently putting out quality projects since 2012’s BVNDVNVZ x BLVCK MVGIC. A few noteworthy catalog entries include a 2012 EP with Bones and a 2015 LP with SageInfinite, which just might be the best thing the Mishka label ever released.

Over the years, one of Grandmilly’s closest collaborators has been Shozae, a producer whose Midnite Society claims some of very the same Uniondale and Hempstead, Long Island blocks as Milly’s Zero Klique. Last year, Sho and Milly teamed up for an EP called 2 Stoopid Dogz, and the duo is currently sitting on a follow-up cassette called Adventureland, which definitely exists but also definitely isn’t out-out … at least, not yet. In the meantime, they’ve been posting a number of loosies, including these similarly branded 80 Proof elixirs, the first of which features Sho’s fellow Midnite Socialite Dunny Cold-Facts.

All that still isn’t nearly as solid an introduction as “I make music for dust heads,” though.

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