♫♪  Hakobune - “Torch”

Oh yeah, now we’re talkin’! Just when I thought everyone was moving on to the self-congratulatory year-end listing and back slapping, Hudson Valley based Psychic Troubles Tapes drops a slab of 24-minute gold with Torch, a new tape from Japanese ambient/drone legend Hakobune. If you know Hakobune, you know the drill: slow, meditative tones and drones delicately sprawled over tracks that usually break the ten minutes mark. I keep listening and wondering, “When am I going to get sick of this?” Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet, and likely won’t anytime soon. Hakobune sticks to a specific sound, but when we get the occasional EP and tape that serves as a little taste rather than album length full servings, I’m going back for more, every time. Torch is available now, in digital and cassette formats, so hop in and enjoy the ride below. It’s a smooth cruise the whole way through.

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