♫♪  Hanetration - Nae Troth [EP]

UK-based Hanetration has three EPs on his Bandcamp page, each of which are colder than an abandoned concrete hospital on an island off the Scottish coast. Past releases have carried a heavy IDM vibe, with drums skittering anxiously over palette-knife strokes of sound. But on Nae Troth (“no loyalty”), his latest, Hanetration goes fully sterile, forgoing any sense of rhythm entirely.

When listened to in succession, it’s clear that Nae Troth uses samples from the same bank as his Torn Heat EP, stretching melody-less swaths of sound farther into the nether. At 22 minutes in length, it’s entirely plausible Hanetration just took an older track — perhaps by himself, or even Justin Bieber — and just used Paulstretch to turn it into syrupy, grainy, drone goodness. At times while listening, I tried to imagine how some passages would sound if they were sped up. Perhaps it would resemble a lonesome ballad, with a french horn providing an easily hummable melody and twinkling percussion hits where there was washes of beach waves and the muffled breath of pitched noise.

Hopefully, hopefully, Nae Troth will sound like nonsense if it’s sped up. This way I can enjoy it for what it is in its current state: a great boat, traversing the ocean in the dead of night, breaking up the reflection of the stars on the water, breaking a gossamer membrane in space that creates a black hole that gorges on matter until time creeps to a halt and groans like the same ship pulling out of port.

• Hanetration: http://hanetration.bandcamp.com

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